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2014 Rules

Frame rails and sub-frames must be stock for make and year model. Fabricated frame rails from center of rear end to the back bumper allowed. Weight boxes are allowed.  No tube chassis allowed.


Info. 843-209-4768—– –

Race procedure for weekly races; 7 Lap heat races – 30 lap feature races – Starts and restarts double file.

Get a copy of the general rules as they apply to all classes

FMS officials may check any part of any car, at any time with out paying a protest fee.

PROTEST – A driver may protest any car that finishes the race in front of their car. Each car must complete the race on the lead lap to file a protest. The car/driver protested may back protest the car/driver that protested his/her car. Protest fee for checking top of engine will be $250. There is a $50 track fee Protest bottom & top of engine fee is $500 There is a $100 track fee. Protest time:5 minutes following the end of race

CAR; Any 1968 through 2013 models

Weight; FMS engine Minimum total weight 3200 lbs. with driver, before race. Minimum .Right side weight before race, with driver 47%. You may gas up after the race.

The GM crate engine 602 crate engine is permitted as supplied from mfg. total weight 602 engine 3200lbs  all engines 47% right side.  


Engine must remain in stock location and #1 plug  must line up with upper ball joint.

 Center of Crankshaft 12” minimum ground clearance.

Hydraulic or solid lifter cam; max lift at valve ( May be checked with a solid lifter) .480 intake and exhaust on retainer

Enlarged oil pans permitted

OEM stock engine except as explained in these rules. After market fuel pumps permitted. Aluminum or steel water pump permitted

Any water pump, crankshaft, and pulley combination may be used

OEM stock cylinder heads, after market crankshaft OEM stroke minimum weight 52#

Rods. OEM stock length, may not weigh less than OEM stock rod. After market std. wt. two eyebrow pistons allowed. maximum over bore 060

CYLINDR HEADS Must be stock for make of engine, minimum Chev.70 cc. Ford 68 cc No modifications allowed 

.No grinding, polishing, port matching, or glass beading. No cutting head for larger valve springs. Stock OEM diameter valve springs. after market valve spring retainers permitted. Valve size on all G M engine 1.94 intake and 1.50 exhaust. ( + or – .oo8 valve mfg. tolerance ) Polly locks permitted. OEM stock or aluminum roller rocker arms permitted.Studs in head may be pinned, screw in stubs and guide plates permitted


OEM cast iron intake or a 2101 Performer. No grinding, polishing, port matching, glass beading


A Maximum 1” thick aluminum spacer with 1 or 2 holes centered in spacer, straight cut. A FMS approved Holly

7448 – 350 CFM carburetor on an FMS engine . Two gaskets maximum .065 thick,

GM 602  Crate engine may use a HOLLEY 7448 – 350 or a 4412 -500 CFM – Two gaskets maximum .065



Standard Headers permitted. No Step tube headers permitted. No 180 or cross over headers.. Cast iron exhaust

manifolds allowed

AIR CLEANER AND AIR FILTER Only approved round air cleaner. An approved dry element or a K & N minimum 1 ½ “ maximum 4 inches high,  

must be used in the air cleaner at all times. All air shall be filtered through element. Top of air cleaner must be solid,

no holes. No cold air boxes or cowl induction No ducts or baffles on or leading to air cleaner

Air cleaner base must be below the choke horn.

 Air Cleaner must be completely under the hood.

IGNITION – OEM Electronic ignition and distributor permitted


OEM Stock type steel fly wheel & clutch assembly. No grinding or lightning or machining allowed. Min. weight any flywheel 33 lbs

BELL HOUSING – A steel scatter shield or steel bell housing is required.

TRANSMISSIONS – Automatic or standard OEM transmissions. 


May be interchanged between manufacturer: i.e. Ford in Chevrolet, Chevrolet in Ford. floater or truck, may be locked. (cars with ratchets or limited slip will weigh the minimum of 3275 lbs).


All cars must compete with type of springs from OEM. If coil ,it must be coil. If leaf, it must be leaf. Any type

adjustable front and rear spring hangers and screw jacks allowed. After market racing springs allowed. Minimum 4” diameter

coil springs


Spindles OEM stock. After market steel spherical or tie rod end shocks permitted. May be mounted in front of or middle or behind A frames. Steering  component’s must be OEM. Heim joints on tie rod ends allowed. spacers allowed on spindles.


Cars must have stock firewall and stock floor pan.

Engine must remain in stock location #1 plug must line up with  upper ball joint.

 No shortening or altering in any way. Tubing frame connectors allowed. 

Frame rails and sub-frames must be stock for make and year model.

Tubing may be used for weigh boxes or roll bar installation, but the end of box may not be connected to the front or rear sub-frame.

No square or rectangular tube chassis allowed.

OEM Stock bottom “A” frames for make of car must be same length left and right

Upper  “A” frames  can be aftermarket tubular upper  or OEM.  

SWAY BAR – OEM or aftermarket . Adjustable links allowed.

WHEELS – Maximum 10” .

FUEL – Pump gas or Speedway gas only. No mixtures of any kind. Fuel cell recommended

All fuel tanks must be vented high and to the left side frame

STARTER & BATTERY – OEM or aftermarket starter. Only one 12v battery permitted.

RADIATOR – Any radiator allowed copper or aluminum. No anti-freeze

All cars must have a rubber overflow hose to the right rear corner of race car, angled toward ground.

BRAKES – OEM single piston steel calipers. After market dual master cylinders and pedals permitted. Brake adjuster permitted.


Fiberglass hood permitted. OEM or STOCK appearing or aftermarket metal bodies allowed. aftermarket bodies are subject to have weight added. Roof must be in original stock position.  

Modified bodies must have OEM stock roof, front fenders, covered standard hood,front and rear bumper covers and a windshield. Car to have 50lbs mounted to the right side up high. total weight for car should be 3250.


stock size window opening must be within 2”of original OEM opening.

Hood and doors and quarter panels may be hulled. No holes or louvers in hood or trunk. Dash may be removed

All glass except windshield and flammable material must be removed. Windshield glass, lexan or ¼” metal hardware cloth

Doors must be welded or bolted shut. Must have a grill

All body holes must be closed in, front and rear, with solid metal and painted color of car

Rear view mirror permitted (inside car only)

Minimum ground clearance 5″ frame and body.


Lexan or aluminum spoilers.5″ high max. Width 60” max. must be self supporting


After market bumper covers allowed)

Bracing is allowed behind bumper only. Nothing above bumper, outside of grill

Must have hook on front and rear of car to allow wrecker to lift car


Full roll cage required. Four bars in drivers door and three bars in right side door

Bars may go through front and rear firewall All roll bars in driver area must have roll bar padding attached

All cars must have a rubber overflow hose to the right rear corner of race car, angled toward ground.

BRAKES – OEM single piston steel calipers. After market dual master cylinders and pedals permitted. Brake adjuster permitted.

Minimum ground clearance 5″ frame and body.


Wheel base minimum 101”


Tread width maximum 66”

Hooiser F45 scuff tires


All cars must be equipped with seat belts

All cars must be equipped with shoulder harness

All drivers Must wear a racing helmet anytime you are on the race track.

It is recommended that All drivers wear a fire retardant driving uniform when driving a race car.

A window net required


FMS will assign Numbers. Call 1-843-209-4768 to request a car number

Any car that does not meet the minimum or maximum Speedway rules and specifications may be allowed to participate with a weight adjustment or restrictor plate.

There will be no exceptions to the chassis or any components that are listed in the rules. 

Any rules that are not clearly understood or you need an explanation call  Charlie Powell at 843-209-4768