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Florence Motor Speedway is actively seeking businesses and individuals who would wish to form partnerships for the 2017 racing season and beyond. The opportunities are endless and are only limited by the creativity of the parties involved. Some areas which Florence Motor Speedway is looking for sponsorships include, but are not limited to:

Race Division Sponsors – Long-time fan of Street Stocks? Make the division your own as the title sponsor, or any of the other divisions on the bill.

Billboard Advertising – Place your business or product on one of the many billboards circling the track. Many eyes will see it each and every Saturday night.

Race Night Sponsor – Let Florence Motor Speedway play host to an entire evening in your business’ honor. YOUR NAME HERE Night At The Races!

Weekly Award Sponsor – Sponsor pole awards, hard charger awards…or maybe a hard luck award if you’re sympathetic to racers.

Giveaway Promotion – Race fans love getting free things. Put your logo on shirts, koozies, flags, or any other sort of promotional item that they can take home with them to cherish long after the racing is done.

Web Banners – Maybe you’re not wanting to go all out on a sponsorship but would like a little bit of a presence. Your logo or web banner on a website which garnered 35,000 unique views in 2017 might just do the trick.

Product Sponsorship – Sponsorships don’t always have to involve money. A box of your finest quarts of oil to the race winner, a new helmet to the overall champion of each division, a series of gift certificates for 3rd, 4th, and 5th place finishers. Or perhaps even just a product discount. Anything which helps the competitors with their budgets will be a warm addition to their operations.

Got a Better Idea? – Have a special promotion you wish to enact which isn’t one of the above options? We’d be happy to entertain it.

For that or any other inquiries about business partnerships with Florence Motor Speedway, please contact Stacy Wiggins Tel # 843-624-3421