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General rules apply “get a copy”
Phone: 843-209-4768; Email: Facebook : Charlie Powell
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RACE PRODURES: 7 lap heat races – 30 lap feature race – Starts and restarts will be double file. Speedway officials may check any part of a car at any time without paying a protest fee. A driver may protest any car that finishes in front of him on the lead lap. Protested driver may protest the car that protested his car. Protest fee top side of engine $200.00. Items that may be checked; Cyl..head, Intake. FMS  may randomly P & G the engine of any race car

Carb. Bore.& Stroke, cam lift. There is a $50 track fee. Protest fee for engine removal top & bottom of engine, $300.00. Track fee $75.00. Protest time 5 minutes following display of checkered flag with cash

COMPETING MODELS:  Any 1968 through  2019 compact or subcompact 4 cylinder car or pickup truck with a stock wheel base.Wheel base must be the same measurement on left and right side

WEIGHT: Each car will weigh one (1) pound per cc, with the minimum of  2200 lbs. Front or rear wheel drive cars. All cars must weigh the minimum of. 54% of total weight on the left side, before and after the race, with the driver.

ENGINES: Engines maximum of four cylinders. Air cleaner required. Air cleaner base may not be above choke horn. Over sized oil pans allowed. Headers allowed. Exhaust must extend past driver’s compartment. OEM stock or OEM stock Fuel injection  intake . No mix matches .Example; 2300 Ford must be a OEM stock for a 2300 Ford. OEM stock crankshaft; No grinding, machining, or drilling. Rod journal size must be OEM stock minimum .030 undersize Rods; O E M or after market steel rods. 6” maximum. Flat top pistons required. All pistons must have 3 rings on piston. Maximum overbore .060. No grinding or polishing of cylinder head or intake allowed Cylinder head must remain OEM stock for the engine block, including valve spring diameter. May use conical springs (Beehives). One angle, one cut below valve seat. Does not include factory cut) No radius or blending of cut below valve seat. This cut is to narrow the seat only OEM valve size. No aftermarket cast iron or aluminum cylinder heads. Steel straps allowed on cam towers. No mix matching of cylinder heads, 2300 engine must have a 2300 head. Engine location OEM stock 

CAMSHAFT: Flat tappet or hydraulic maximum . lift intake and exhaust, checked off the valve spring retainer

COMPRESSION: There is not a maximum compression rule.

CARBURETOR –  One Holley 2300 Series, Model 4412, 500 C.F.M. Or Model 7448 350 C.F.M or Motorcraft Carb. .No aftermarket modifications Only Choke Plate may be removed and jets may be changed. Maximum 2 gaskets .065. One (1 ) aluminum spacer/adapter plate with two holes, with straight cut, no taper allowed.  No restrictor plates required.

COOLING SYSTEM: Cars should have an overflow hose extending from radiator to right rear corner of car, angled toward the ground. No antifreeze allowed.

ELECTRIC SYSTEM: Original stock OEM electronic or point type battery fired ignition required. Stock type coil. Battery must be securely mounted and in a leak proof battery box. All cars must have a starter in good working order. (1) 12 volt Battery / (1) Coil.

FUEL AND FUEL TANKS: A safe and securely mounted fuel cell or steel fuel tank is required. All cars equipped with electric fuel pumps must have a clearly marked turn off switch. There must be a metal firewall sealing off the fuel tank from the driver’s compartment (no aluminum). A Fuel cell is required.

FUEL: Speedway fuel is the only racing fuel allowed.

BODY: All cars must have a FMS approved body. After market bodies may be used but must be approved by Speedway Tech Official. Minimum ground clearance for chassis and body with driver, four (4″). Windshields may be Lexan. or 1/4″ mesh screen No Plexiglas allowed! Windshield must be installed in its original standard position. Floor in drivers area must be complete and in the standard position. Right side floor board over drive shaft may be raised 10” and run at an angle up to the bottom of right side door window. The area behind the driver’s area may be closed in with sheet metal from the middle horizontal roll bar to the back window. No reinforcing, no exposed pipe or bracing outside of body or bumpers. After market bumper covers permitted.  No holes permitted in hood. Fuel cell may be fitted through the floor of trunk area. Trunk floor may be removed. Minimum eight (8″) inches ground clearance from bottom of fuel cell to the ground. All firewall holes and floor holes must be covered with a metal patch. All doors must be welded shut. All cars will be allowed to use a non-adjustable rear spoiler. Maximum Height: four (4) inches, self supporting. Maximum width: no wider than standard deck lid.

SUSPENSION & STEERING: Coil spring spacers permitted. Screw jacks permitted. OEM or Steel body aftermarket shocks & struts permitted. Shocks may be relocated for suspension or tire clearance. Stock spindles  Bump Steer adjusters permitted :  Lower A frame inner mounting holes in frame must be OEM stock location. After market coil springs are permitted No aftermarket coil over suspension. permitted. OEM sway bar required. Adjustable links permitted.

TRANSMISSION, CLUTCH & REAR END: Any OEM stock rear end permitted. May be locked, or a OEM stock Limited slip assembly. No Detroit lockers. All cars must have a steel scatter shield or steel bell housing. No quick change rear ends. Gear ratio optional. Stock three, four, five speed or automatic transmission permitted. Rear end must remain in stock position. OEM trailing arms in OEM stock location . Metal or rubber bushings allowed.No aftermarket 3 link suspension permitted. OEM heavy-duty steel clutch and flywheel. No lightened or machined flywheels. Min. weight clutch and flywheel assembly 20 lbs. Clutch protest fee $100. No camber on rear wheels.

TREAD WIDTH:  Maximum 63 1/2″

Wheel base must be the same measurement Left and Right

WHEELS & BRAKES: Steel wheels 8″maximum width. x 13″ OEM stock disc brakes in good working order on all four wheels

TIRES: Hoosier 800 x 13  any one may buy 4 New tires for the 1st race you enter in 2020 you must  run the new tires you buy  that day.  You must run any new tire a minimum of 20 laps the day you buy 

No tube chassis cars

If you crash the front of your car the frame may be replaced with 2×3  tubing from the strut tower to front bumper.

If you crash the rear of the car the frame from the center of the rear end to the rear bumper may be replaced with 2×3  tubing.

Any car that does not meet the minimum or maximum requirements of the rules may be allowed to compete with additional weight or a restrictor plate.