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These  Rules  may be modified at anytime by FMS., deleted or changed for safety and provide a fair, equal and competitive race for each participate. You may be required to have a handicap placed on the car such as removal of a spark plug wire or wires , placed in the rear of all cars in the race etc. The race procedure may change from time to time, such as a standing start, running to the right, red flag for restart,  3 and 4 abreast starts, reverse race, etc.

  • This is a learning , how to drive a race car fun class, not a make money class !
  • Minimum age of driver is 14 years old.
  • You cannot protest any car or race procedure- it’s for fun! If you do not want to have a good time do not enter this class.
  • FMS will check cars for safety and rules violation
  • OEM Stock American made 1990 up front or rear wheel drive 4 door car, that came from the manufacture with a front and back seat .
  • OEM Stock 4 Cylinder or a In line 6 or V-6  Cylinder Engine that came in the car from the manufacture. No modifications, NONE!
  • All engine and suspension parts must remain as provided from manufacture for your car, this includes shocks and springs.
  • No Turbo Charged engines.
  • No headers
  • All engine and suspension parts including Springs and Shocks must remain as provided from the car manufactor
  • A car and engine OEM specification manual must be provided to the FMS Tec. official for inspection of your car. ( No manual, no race )
  • Driver must wear a full face helmet, Driving uniform , a seat belt and shoulder strap anytime the car goes on to the race track.
  • Driver must wear fire retardent gloves and a one or two piece uniform. ( and shoes ! )
  • It is recommended the car be equipped with a roll cage. No bars through front and rear fire wall.
  • A fuel cell is recommended.
  • All glass except windshield must be removed..
  • The drivers door must be welded shut or securely bolted.
  • Any driver that is over aggressive in their driving style will not be allowed to race.
  • Any driver that intentionally runs into another car may not be allowed to drive a car in future races.
  • Any driver or their crew member that creates a disturbance in the pits, such as going to another drivers pits to fight will be suspended from entering the pits.
  • A fire extinguisher is required.
  • A window net is required..
  • Tires; DOT street radials maximum 225-70,78 or 60 series, 14 or 15″ All wheels & tires Same size. No racing tires allowed. MINIMUM 40# AIR PREASURE IN ALL TIRES !
  • OEM stock wheels, maximum 7″ wide for all cars.
  • Driver must apply for a FMS license and your application approved by a FMS official before you will be allowed to enter a race.
  • No radios


Need more info.     843-209-4768