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1. Anyone detected spilling or putting oil on property of SPEEDWAY will be suspended indefinitely. Waste Oil container is provided at tires/parts building.

2. No used tires are to be left on Speedway property.

3. At all race meets, the Driver assumes the responsibility for actions of any of his pit crew in every respect. The driver shall be the sole spokesman. **Note, any person in your pit area is considered on your crew.**

4. Any participant showing evidence of possessing or consuming any alcoholic beverage or drugs must leave the pit area immediately. Fighting or Disorderly Conduct will result in suspension from the race track. Decision of Speedway Officials is final.

5. There Will Be No Rough Driving. Any driver intentionally spinning another vehicle out may be black flagged. Close, competitive, side by side, racing does not apply!!! Track Officials will make decisions. ANY DRIVER WHO CONTINUALLY CAUSES TROUBLE WILL BE SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY.

6. Any driver, vehicle owner, or crew member involved in any form of boycott, strike or other tactic to disrupt, delay or cause any race to be postponed will be suspended indefinitely and a $1,000 fine will be imposed. If you do not agree to and abide by Speedway rules, do not enter the pit area.

7. Anyone, other than track officials and security, entering the pit area carrying anything that can be used as a weapon will be ejected from the Speedway immediately.

8. The driver, crew members and car owner in all divisions are required to obtain a Speedway license. No one, including the driver or crew members, may enter pit area until he/she has personally signed all releases, registrations and entry forms.

9. All classes: Sponsor uniform patches and car windshield decals are a requirement to receive points and prize money. The registered licensed driver receives points and posted prize money. Once the field has completed a scored lap a driver may not change cars. In time trials and heat races, you are qualifying the car. Car must weigh the minimum required weight on right side and total weight to time trial, heat race and feature race.

10. Any vehicle that fails to make line up in the pits when called by pit steward is subject to start in the rear. You are required to line up, single file, by pit road wall at least five (5) laps before the conclusion of the previous race.

11. No one is allowed on the race track after the race has started. No one is allowed to enter the control tower to discuss any complaint.

12. Any vehicles jumping the start or restarts may be placed in the rear. The decision of the official is final.

13. After two attempts to start the race have failed, a single file line up may be used.

14. All vehicles must complete the first scored lap for the race to be officially started. If the first lap has not been completed, “scored”, all vehicles will return to their original starting positions, provided they proceed to the start/finish line without delaying the race. If you go into the pits you will restart in the rear of the field.

15. Any vehicle causing a race to be stopped, after the first scored lap, such as a spin-out, shall be considered as involved and will go to the rear. Any vehicle spinning out by himself three times in one race may be black flagged. Decision of officials is final.

16. Any vehicle causing the caution to be displayed does not lose any laps, but restarts in the rear. His going into the pit has no bearing on this. All cars must proceed immediately to the start line if not involved in the accident and retain their position.

17. Passing flag will be given to the vehicles that are being overtaken by the leader of the race. You will immediately drop to the bottom of the race track, and let all vehicles on the lead lap pass before moving back up into the fast groove. If several vehicles are racing together, all vehicles are to drop to the bottom of the race track and will not be allowed to pass each other until front vehicle in lapped group gets back to racing speed.

18. Caution flag / lights: Lead car picks up the caution. All vehicles on the track that are not involved in the caution must cross the start/finish line to be scored for that lap. When the caution light comes on and/or flag is displayed, you do not race back to the caution flag. Immediately cease racing and hold your position. Anyone going into the pit area will restart in the rear. If you stop, you are considered as involved!!

19. In case of emergency or serious wreck, flagman may display the red flag. All vehicles cease racing IMMEDIATELY and restart in the order of the last completed, scored, lap. The option of the caution or red flag rests with the officials and his decision is final.

20. Decisions of Speedway Officials on interpretations of rules, race procedures, scoring or positions shall be final.

21. Black flag: When a driver is black flagged because of disciplinary problems, driver does not get points or money for any participation. For scoring purposes, it will be as if driver did not participate in the racing event. When driver is black flagged because of mechanical problems, i.e., smoking, leaking water, etc., driver gets credit up to the point where he/she was black flagged. If mechanical problem can be repaired, vehicle may return to track, but ONLY if repaired. Driver will get position finished and points, if any.

22. Finishing position. Once this official announcement is made, no changes in scoring will be made unless questioned within five (5) minutes after the official posting of race results. Payoff will be made as soon as possible following the conclusion of the final event of the day at the sign in building..


24. It is required that all race cars have an approved type fire extinguisher securely mounted within drivers reach. It is recommended that each pit truck carry an additional extinguisher kept within easy reach in the event of an emergency.

25. A seat belt, shoulder harness, long sleeves and long pants are required. Driving gloves, uniforms and shoes are highly recommended.

26. All persons while driving must wear a racing helmet, securely strapped, at all times driver is in a moving race vehicle.

27. All chrome, except grill & bumpers; all lights and side windows must be removed.

28. No tire softeners permitted. Tires may be impounded by Speedway officials and checked for tire softeners.

29. All cars exhaust pipes or headers must exit to rear or side of vehicle, behind driver. Do not exit to ground or track surface.

30. Overflow hose from radiator to rear required on all vehicles. Absolutely no antifreeze allowed.

31. All vehicles are required to have a window net in place at all time vehicle is on race track.

32. If gas lines runs through driver’s compartment, it must be enclosed in protective metal tubing. Gas
tanks must be in original position or trunk area of vehicle, strapped with four (4) straps. 2 across each
way, front to rear and side to side.

33. Battery must be in original position or completely boxed in and strapped securely.

34. Drive shaft safety loop is required. It should be installed about 12 inches from the rear of the transmission. Construct it so that the drive shaft cannot fall down to the race track or come through floor of vehicle, in the event of front U-joint failure. Drive shaft must be painted white.

35. All vehicles must have a hook, front and rear, for wrecker to hook to vehicle, without delaying the time of wrecker.

PROTEST: If your car is protested you will be required to post the tech track fee to accept the protest. The fee will be refunded to you if your car is legal if your car is illegal you will lose the tech track fee.

Late Model $100 & $200 –Street Stk. & Stk 4 $50 & $75 – Bombers -$20 & $75
1. The official protest time 5 minutes begins when the checkered flag falls. Driver is to notify pit official at scale tech area prior to time period expiring. Once the time period has expired all requests will be denied.
2 .Only the driver may lodge a protest. Protest may be lodged against the vehicle that finished in front of protesting driver on the lead lap. Protested driver may back protest the driver that protested his car.