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Archive for January 2020

RACING NEWS ALERT for the 2020 season at FLorence Motor Speedway. First Race March 28th!!!!


FLORENCE MOTOR SPEEDWAY “2020” TENTATIVE SCHEDULE   1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.

836 East Smith St. Timmonsville,S.C. 29161 – 843-209-4768

The 1st scheduled Friday racing events will be held  Saturday March 28th .

The 2020 rules for each class will be posted soon on the Florence Motor Speedway web site.

Check us out on face book or call 843-209-4768
Rewards Loyalty Program

Florence Motor Speedway will issue “Rewards Loyalty” coupons to selected drivers that compete in all scheduled events.

• Drivers will be issued Rewards coupons that can be used for Food,Tires and admission, valid for the next scheduled race that you enter.

• Any driver that misses a race will not be eligible for Rewards Credits the next race they enter. You must race the next two races to be eligible for future Reward Coupons.

• Any driver that misses a race due to an emergency such as illness or car is broken, you will remain on the program.

We will race the following classes every Friday at 8:30
• FMS Late Model Challenger ( Compare with Challenger Dillon rules )
• FMS Street Stock – ( Compare with Mass rules )
• FMS 4 Cylinder Stock – ( Front & rear wheel drive )
• FMS 4 Cylinder Stock – ( Front Wheel Drive )
• FMS  Thunder & Lightning -( Compare with Dirt -Sumter -Lake View -Street Stock V-8 Rules )
• FMS Cruiser Bruiser

First race of the 2020 season !!!!!

First race of the season is set for March the 28