Go kart racing returns to Florence Kartway January 27th.

Sumter Utilities are now sponsoring some races at Florence Kartway.

Our next race will be January 27th.

Looking forward to another great night of racing.

Gates open at 10am. Practice starts at 1pm.

Kids bring your bikes, we will be having kids bike races, tricycle races and kids candy drop….

Floyd’s Karts And Parts will be here and sponsoring our kids candy drop.
(Last race Jamie Knopf, Tj White, Glenn Corbett and a few others, donated money towards the bike races and candy drop, we gave away $100 in cash hidden away in pieces of candy, and $60.00 in bike races. Thanks guys, looking forward to doing it again.)

🏁$500 to win Pro Clone Heavy + $500 dollar sponsor bonus, making it $1,000 to win.🏁

Sponsored by Sumter Utilities, Knotheads Catfishing Service (Congratulations again to our family and staff, as Knotheads Catfishing won over $10,000 this past weekend at Lake Wheeler Alabama. Out of 190 boats.)

R & L Home Improvements.



$50 dollar entry. Payback will then be 1/3 of the field. ( 3 karts pays 1 position, 6 karts pays 2, 9 karts pays 3, 12 karts pays 4)

🏁300 to win Clone Heavy.
10 kart minimum
$35 dollar entry fee.

🏁400 to win Clone Super Heavy.
10 kart minimum
$40 dollar entry fee. ** This may change this week**

🏁300 to win Clone Medium.
10 kart minimum
$35 dollar entry fee.
If kart minimums are not made, it will be 100 % payback.
🏁 Clone Amature
100% payback
$20 dollar entry fee.

🏁 Red plate
100% Payback
$20 dollar entry

🏁 Jr 1
Jr 2
Jr 3 all clone classes.
100% payback
$20 dollar entry

We will be watching the weather forecast closely, we need 60 degree weather. Lol
Official gas station is the BP/FastTrax in Timmonsville.

🏁 We will run any class that 2 or more karts sign up in.
Had alot of predators last week.
Bring them on, we will race them..
We are still looking for sponsors.
Wanna sponsor?
Wanna help out?
Call me or shoot me a text,
would love to be able to help you also.

Thank you all for all the support Ernest Chappell..


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