December 8, 2016 Posted by FMS in News

602 and 604 crate engines

The future on 602 and 604 crate racing engines is great ! Charlie Powell owner of Florence Motor Speedway just received an email from GM Performance on the future of this cost efficient racing engine the 602 and 604. The 602 could be the affordable answer to the future of Saturday night local racing.

Please see below.

Charlie – We have had a good year (our 14th year selling Chevy circle track engines) and the future is bright for the 602 and 604 engines. Contrary to rumors in the field, we will be building these engines for many years to come. We recently made a major investment in new tooling that will enable 350 V8 production to continue as long as there is demand. Those engines will be available long after you and I are gone!

Regarding the 603, you are correct, it has not been available for nearly two years,

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